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Age of Apostasy Knife Edge


"Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha- Dharma protects those who protect it.. goes the saying from Manusmriti. An aphorism, considered an ideal way of life for a human. But in a age where the quest for survival presents a greater challenge, ethics and loyalty have become mere cursory references in the lives of people; in this world it becomes hard to define Dharma.

A disillusioned general caught between his loyalty for his country and the cost of that loyalty. An assassin stuck in the past, hoping for a way to escape it. A warrior desperately trying to gain the respect of his benefactor. And an ancient enemy, re-emerging, hoping to right old wrongs.

This is age of suffering and conflict, an age of Apostasy and humanity stands on a knife edge."


Age of Apostasy :
First Signs


Every noble tale has a begining, one written in fire and blood.


The prequel to the age of Apostasy series. This book, which will be part of a series of prequel will allow audiences to dive into the world of Age of Apostasy. The book is a free download. It is released for free to all without any monetary charge.


Maratha Ressurection: Gardi Rebirth


                      June 1780 - Franco-Spanish invasion of England in support of American revolution occurs at the same time as the Gordon Riots. The invincible British fleet is caught napping as a significant portion of its strength is away to aid British forces fighting revolutionaries. For the first time a hostile army lands on the shores of England. Lacking alternative, the British government and the royal family evacuate to a place where the British still hold significant power. India.

                     Panaji, 1802 - The British juggernaut has steamrolled over most Indian kingdoms conquering significant parts of the country. Yet a last defiant power remains, the Maratha Empire still stands, desperately struggling against its superior enemy. Peace reigns for now, after two brutal wars. Portuguese Goa remains the last neutral European territory in India and its survival is essential for both British and Marathas. It remains as a bastion of peace in a country torn by war. Then, the city is attacked, by pirates, supposedly allied with Marathas, throwing the fragile peace to the winds. For a disgraced former soldier, it was the last thing that he would have wanted. But finding answers has costs, especially ones that led to his shame and the deaths of his comrades. He had failed once but this time he would not fail. Or so he had promised himself...


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